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What Size Breaker Do I Need For An EV Charger?

Here at Electric Medics, we're just as passionate about preserving our beautiful Texas landscapes as we are about keeping your lights on. Today, we're thrilled to plug into a topic that unites our love for all things electrical and eco-friendly – Electric Vehicles, or EVs!

With more Texans swapping their gasoline-guzzling vehicles for sleek, silent, and environmentally friendly electric cars, there's been a surge in questions about home EV charging stations and EV Charger Installation. The most recurring one? "What breaker size is needed for an EV charger?" If you're nodding your head right now, buckle up because we're about to dive deeply into this electrifying query!

Plugging Into The Basics Of EV Charger Installation

Before we zoom straight into breaker sizes, let's park briefly to understand the fundamentals. Every electrical device, including your EV charger, has a maximum amperage – the maximum amount of electrical current it can handle. Enter your home's electrical panel. Circuit breakers 'break' the circuit if there are overloads and shorts, preventing nasty sparks or dangerous fires.

When it comes to EV charger installation, you want to ensure a safe and efficient charging system. And size matters! Your breaker dictates how quickly your EV charges but also help prevent electrical accidents.

Nailing Down The Numbers

While EV charger requirements can vary based on the vehicle make and model, Level 2 Chargers are the most common type for residential use, designed to work with a 240-volt outlet.

Typically, Level 2 chargers require a circuit breaker rated for at least 125% of the charger's maximum current. For instance, if your EV charger has a maximum current of 40 amps, you'll need a breaker rated for at least 50 amps (40 amps x 1.25 = 50 amps.) This extra buffer ensures the breaker won't trip while charging, keeping your EV and home safe.

The Power Of Professional Installation

While understanding the basics of EV charging and breaker sizes is essential, this isn't a project for the average homeowner. Incorrectly installing an EV charger or choosing the wrong breaker size can result in overloaded circuits, electrical fires, or damage to your EV's battery. It's always best to call on professionals (like us!) when setting up your home charging station.

At Electric Medics, we're committed to providing safe, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions for all your electrical needs. If you're ready to switch to an electric vehicle and need help with the upgrade, our experienced technicians are prepared and ready to assist in powering your green journey.

Join us and book now to pave the road to a greener, cleaner Texas, one electric vehicle at a time. After all, it's not just about saving energy – it's about preserving our beautiful Lone Star State for generations.

Until next time, stay charged, green, and safe, everyone!

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