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Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs an Upgrade

Keeping your home running efficiently and comfortably is the priority of any homeowner, and at the heart of this efficiency is your electrical panel. Your electrical panel not only distributes the energy to the different parts of your home, but the main purpose of the panel is safety. Circuit breakers on your electrical panel trip or shut off the power when the circuit is overloaded.

If you ever plug in your vacuum and then the appliances in your kitchen go out? That's most likely your circuit breakers tripping. If the circuit breakers don't trip and shut off the power to overloaded circuits, it could start a fire or electrocute someone in the worst-case scenario. Over time your electrical panel will need to be serviced, tune-ups, and even replaced as technology advances and your energy needs change. Older panels in homes, especially if they are original to the home or use fuses, will eventually need help to keep up with the demands for electricity.

As your electrical panel struggles to keep up with demands, it will tell you that you need to watch for the warning signs so you can schedule a technician for electrical services. The sooner you can have a professional check your panel, the more likely you will be able to stop a major malfunction that could damage your home. Working with electricity can be dangerous, and maintaining electrical safety is paramount.

Does your panel need a tune-up?

Giving your electrical panel a tune-up sounds much better than replacing the entire unit for any homeowner. Book your appointment today for a regularly scheduled tune-up on your panel every spring as a part of your yearly home maintenance.

A tune-up on your panel is essential to your home's maintenance, saving you money and time and even preventing home fires. Still, trying to convince? Here are some of the most important reasons why you should always have a tune-up scheduled for your home.

Spring tune-ups

One of the leading causes of home fires is electrical fires; preventing them is the first step. During a tune-up on your electrical panel, the technician will clean your panel of any accumulated dirt, dust, or debris. This will keep you from costly repairs if there is a fire, but a technician working with a well-maintained system will be able to catch any issues as they arise.

Electrical issues can spiral into other parts of your home and cause malfunctions through the home's system or even damage appliances. Resetting the panel can be difficult, and a professional technician who can perform regular inspections will ensure your panel is running well. Beyond home and electrical safety, a well-running panel will keep your power running and electric bills down.

Updating your panel

So how do you know if you need to upgrade your entire panel? It sounds costly, but it is necessary for your home's safety, comfort, and efficiency. There are a few simple ways to know that it's time to upgrade your panel before a major malfunction happens. Upgrading your panel will, of course, make your home safer, but it will also increase the value of your home.

Installing a new electrical panel that keeps up with modern appliances and electricity demands can increase the value of your home. If planned correctly, it will also allow you to install more electrical outlets in more convenient locations. Increasing demand and even outlets will increase your monthly bills, but a new panel will lower your monthly electric expenses.

A new panel will distribute the energy throughout your home more efficiently. This is better for your appliances and will keep energy from flowing into unnecessary places in your home.

Signs you need a new panel

Is your panel original to your home, or does it use fuses? These are the first signs that you desperately need a new electrical panel. An older panel will be unable to keep up with the demands of a modern home and its appliances. Even with regular maintenance, the lifespan of an electrical panel is about 30 years. Do you find yourself frequently flipping tripped breakers?

This is how you know your panel struggles to keep up with your demand. An outdated panel that malfunctions won't trip when it needs to or not trip when it should, and this has the potential for extreme electric and safety hazards.

Malfunctioning electrical panels always give out warning signs before they ultimately malfunction. Unfortunately, these malfunctions can seem scary, but if you catch them early, you can call for electrical repairs in Mission Viejo, CA. The first signs of malfunction in your panel are if it is hot to the touch or if there is any smell of smoke.

It could be your panel overheating, or it could be a larger fire. Let your technician know if you are ever plugging in an appliance or by your panel and hear a strange noise. Any sounds like crackling, buzzing, or clicking at the outlets or the panel should be shared so the technician will know what to look for.

Electrical panels don't just break down and stop working. They show signs of wear and tear and struggle before inevitably failing. It's best to upgrade your panel immediately or if it malfunctions. Getting an electrical panel replacement in Mission Viejo, CA, before a major malfunction will keep you from facing costly repairs or an emergency.

Professional work

Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous, and you should refrain from attempting to repair or replace any equipment in your home. Trained technicians with the proper tools and experience should do so. Our technicians will be able to perform diagnostic testing on your unit and let you know any issues that they find and the best course of action for your home.

Whether that's a tune-up, upgrade, or even a replacement, you can trust our technicians to provide you with any electrical needs, and when it comes to your panel, you can always be safe.

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